lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017


Lately, the rumour that teachers are likely to be replaced by computers has been spread about. Nonetheless, will the future bring us computers as a way to teach? In the early 1960s, one of the world's first teaching machines was created. Apart from that, computers at that time were viewed as gigantic brains that would control our lives.

To begin with, computers are often used as an extra tool to teach and to learn, which teachers ought to get the most of; they allow us to learn at any point. In the latest years, technology is occupying most part of our lives, although teachers are needed as well as it is hard to work alone if you are easily distracted.

Secondly, we all are afraid of the possible loss of jobs not only in the education sector but also in the service one on account of the fast development of technology. Just as there have already been a decrease of teachers at schools, it is unlikely that if that is due to the lack of money, there won't either be enough sums of money to buy computers.

On balance, despite the fact that technology is becoming indispensable in our lives, teachers are essential as well. They give us motivation, they challenge and support us; something which a machine cannot make. However, it is also true that there will be a need for teachers with technological skills.


What will cinema be like in 20 years' time? Which will people prefer, watching a film at home on video or watching it at the cinema? In our day-to-day lives, the cinema has decreased the amount of ticket’s sold significantly and apart from that, home viewers' number has increased.

First of all, watching a film at home on video is more comfortable and what's more, it is cheaper than going to the cinema or even free if you are able to search it in a free film website. Conversely, one drawback of cinema could be that you have to be silent and cannot express your feelings. You can take neither food nor drinks. 

Secondly, at the cinema there is such a big screen, therefore the scenes seem more real. Not only you go out and get distraction by being surrounded by people but also you can watch the latest film released which isn't on the Internet yet. Apart from that, at home, you have to take much time to search for the film.

On balance, as far as I'm concerned, I believe it is better to watch a film at home on video. I'd like to point out that when you are watching a film at home you can make as many breaks as you want and you also decide when when you prefer to watch it because you can do it at any time.


Obesity is such a well-known health problem among people from all over the world. Indeed, it is claimed that in the USA there are a huge amount of people who have this problem. So.. what can be done to solve this issue?

To begin with, drinking could be considered the reason why there are far more obesity cases in the latest years. That is to say, for instance, in almost each fast food restaurant, there is a menu which includes free recharges of drinks. Furthermore, it doesn't increase so much the price; so due to this, the more recharges are done, the more blood-sugar level increases.

Secondly, not only drinks can be harmful to us but also fast food. In or day-to-day life, we mainly eat ready-made food, due to the lack of time we have. In addition, the price of this food is far less expensive than others. One such instance could be  the cheese hamburgers which only cost 1€ at McDonald's.

Taking all into account, a daily gadget among teenagers also contributes to harming their health, the widely-known mobile phone. How many hours do they spend in front of it instead of hanging out with their friends? I personally believe we all ought to cut down on fast food despite the price or the taste, and we should eat healthily and be more social.


Smoking has been a problem for many years. What's more, nowadays it is regarded as the cause of many health problems throughout the world. The reason why I'm writing today is to to make people aware of this danger. Do you think smoking should be made illegal?

First of all, the most ordinary problem that we face in our day-to-day life is lung cancer.  In the latest years there has been   rise in the number of deaths due to cancer, So, if you stop smoking, you will likely live much longer.

Secondly, what about passive smokers? Why have they to swallow the hume of other person? Although it is true that now it isn't allowed to smoke in public spaces, and smokers have their own areas as well.

I strongly feel that nobody can make anyone stop smoking. Nonetheless,we should all be concerned about the risks of smoking. On the contrary, I believe the sale of cigarettes has to be controlled as many youngsters are sold cigarettes without being asked for their DNI.