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Dora Maar au chat was painted by Picasso in 1941, during the Second World War, it was
a difficult period. The setting shows an interesting composition of form, characterized by
vertically inclined planes. The painting shows Dora Maher sitting in a wooden chair, with a
small black cat on her shoulders. It is said that Picasso was frustrated and he used the
portraits and their abstract form to express his frustration.

This type of work is typical of cubism, an art movement which started in France in 1907.
Artists looked at subjects from different perspectives and used geometric shapes. Cubism
used brilliant colours with powerful effects.

Dora Maar au Chat wasn't exhibited until 2005. It was sold to collectors. This picture was
sold in 2006 for over $95 million. And now, it is owned by private collectors.

jueves, 4 de junio de 2015


I am student of 3º ESO and I would like to give you some advice if you are in 3º ESO next year with Albert. I think that these advices can help you if you follow them:

- I think you should read the three books (compulsory reading) during the summer. And if you haven't got much time at the summer, read it before reading in classroom.
- Study everyday and review all the notes that you have taken that day.
- If I were you, I would listen a lot English, that will help you yo learn more and to prepare for B1.
- You must do all the comments for each term. Don't plagiarise of other people's comments. Write genuine comments, that will help you to improve your English.
- Do keep your folder tidy and take it the day after the exam.
- Never study the day before the exam, study everyday, because you will have a lot of exams.
- If I were you, I would do all the projects, that will help you to get good marks.
- Pay attention at all the teacher's explanations.
- If you don't waste the time, you will have much free time.
- You should do the video sketch.


María Béjar Rodríguez 3º ESO A


Beard is fashionable. Aesthetic trends are brief, and the custom among men to wear beards, earrings or piercings, is a fashion.

Many people wear beards because they associated it with a mark of respect, power, and therefore with a higher social status.

Some women think  that shaved men have fewer traits of masculinity. A study published in the journal Science concluded that a beard was a way of demonstrating good health.

Wearing a beard gives self-confidence and physical state. Bearded men are less attractive for women. According to a research, beards increase perceptions of men's age, social status, and aggressiveness, but not attractiveness.

Beardless men seem younger. Some women prefer shaved men because they think that have a beard is unhygienic.


When we talk about greenhouse effect, the first image that comes to our mind is industries, chimneys, exhaust fumes ... The use of fossil fuels in cities is the primarily responsible of global warming, but agriculture and livestock also contribute to emissions. Cows, during the digestive process, emit between 500 and 800 litres of methane a day... That is equivalent to the emissions of a car that travels about 100 kilometres.

 However, these big bovine animals have always existed, and as ruminants, they have always emitted methane. The country continues growing, and more people demand meat.

In my opinion, I reckon that it is ridiculous, because cows emitted methane before, not only now. We want to blame animals of our actions and their consequences, but the climate change is caused by men, and we know the reason why it is produced. All species, including humans, after eating, we make the digestion, and it produces the corresponding waste, therefore, we can't blame other species, because humans are the originators of global warming. We also have to think that the gasses are natural, so we can't eliminate them. 


A “buckaroo” means cowboy of the Great Basin and California region of the United States, from an Anglicization of the Spanish word “vaquero”.

The school year is coming to an end. Now, it is the most stressful time with all the exams, homework, projects... and, also, with the good weather (warm weather causes more laziness to study); but we have to make one last effort to pass all the exams and not to give up all the effort that we have done during the year, so we will be able to enjoy and spend a quiet summer.

At the moment, time inevitably goes by, so we can use these tips to get the most benefit:

1. Keep the place where you study nice and tidy..
2. Take time for everything, and everything in its time (WhatsApp, television ...)
3. Avoid bad mood.
4. Take care and do not worry about unimportant things.
6. Take things with calm and optimism.

To relax, you can listen to music, have a break, and take a break of 10 minutes walking.

Exams are the biggest source of stress for students. There is a lot of pressure when the day of the exam is coming and they have to study a lot of subjects.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of food which help us. We must reduce saturated fats and sugars. It is necessary that we consume vegetables, legumes, fruits and vegetables, and cereals, pasta, rice when we have exams...

Olive oil and dried fruit and nuts help us to achieve an adequate intellectual performance.

Hair loss is at these times very common.

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I think that computer simulation is an awesome resource. Computers have advanced, and simulations have done it too. Little by little, the humans have produced fragments of reality with unprecedented accuracy.

The simulation of a worm, el Caenorhabditis elegans has been used for various genetic studies because of their physical characteristics and ideals to facilitate experimentation in it. It is a basic creature that has the simplest brain known and it is hermaphrodite.

Technology is very amazing!.

If you want to know more about that, you can read this article.