sábado, 16 de mayo de 2015


Live the life as you planned. Live the life expressing to yourself, you're on your way, which is the best suited to yourself. Allow wrong and forgive the misunderstandings of the past and you've obtained a victory in your present, you will take a weight of, and don't forget to laugh, enjoy and love everything that you do.

Grow of the daily experience, do what do you like, paint a painting, read a book, sing in the shower, listen to your favourite music, share, continue laughing and allow yourself to shine while you show your inner happiness without forgetting smile to friends and if for it is necessary to let someone help you, listen to your friend. Have fun looking at old photographs, remember moments, spent time watching when you were little. You are not alone.
Finish your project and fulfill your promises, do yourself a favor, don't waste time, turn off the TV and talk to a friend, share and think about what you have, and for today, don't worry no more!


A few months ago, social networks engaged in an argument on stripes of a dress, blue and gold or black and white?

Some optical illusions can make two different ways look the same image, but in the case of photography of "dress" is the first time that a picture could be seen in different colors, depending the person who looks it.

The color vision varied by age and sex. Old people and women saw the dress white and gold while teenagers saw it blue and black.

Conway and his research team concluded that is because the type of light that the people's brain hope to be in their environment. The people  who perceive the dress as white and gold may be more exposed to natural light, but people who often live surrounded by artificial light  see it black and blue.