jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2016


Resultado de imagen de plastic in the seaResultado de imagen de plastic in the seaDoes anyone really know how the impact of plastic will affect the world in the next years if we don't do anything? Plastic is always present in our daily lives. From credit card to plastic bags that we use in the supermarkets; almost all is made from plastic and we aren't really concerned about it. To begin with, I'm going to talk about plastic, then I'll move to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic. And finally, I'm going to give you my opinion about this issue.

Plastic is the most common material which is known and used. One of its characteristics is that it has a low electrical and thermal conductivity, it is also malleable. Moreover, it has a low cost, so as the world is moved by money, plastic is the most used material.

For me, plastic hasn't too many advantages to be used. It is light, strong and cheap. In addition, it gives the food it is in contact with a peculiar taste and it is also a good container to save cleaning products. However, the disadvantages are fewer, although they are worse. For instance, it kills turtles that eat it as they think it is food, plastic also damages their ecosystem. Not only that, but also its use affects our health as we breath the chemicals substances.

All in all, we won't stop using plastic, although I'd like to say that we must reduce it. If we don't do anything, what an awful world we will have in the next years! For that problem a lot of campaigns have been set up, for example, the Let's do it! Cleaning up the Mediterranean coast association is a project where tens of thousands of volunteers from countries all around the Mediterranean Sea participate in cleaning up the world. I believe that we have to start raising awareness of the impact of plastic in the world and then take action.


According to Collins' dictionary, “debris” means the remains of something broken or destroyed. And that word comes from French.

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2016


                    Resultado de imagen de procrastinate things

Today, procrastinating things we have to do is a very common phenomenon. Not only teenagers, but also children and adult people leave things that they can do at the moment to do them afterwards. First of all I am going to write about why this happens, then, I'll move on to explain our waste of time on holidays. And finally, I'm going to give you my opinion about what we must do.

We always think that if we can do things later, it is foolish to do them at that very moment , so we leave things for the last moment. Not only this happens with activities, but also with exams. For instance, I usually study the day before the exam or even, the night before. That's because we have other extra activities, for example, the school of languages or the music school, so we have less time to spend on school chores. However, I'd like to say that if we organize our time, we can spend time on other things.

On the contrary, when we are on holidays, we have a lot of time, although we don't spend it very well. During the summer holidays, we usually go to the beach, spend a lot of time with friends or even, we go to other towns' parties. I reckon that in the summer time it is too warm to do any kind of intellectual activity, we are tired even if we don't do anything. On the one hand, I understand that on holidays we have to relax since we have spent all the year studying and getting up early . On the other hand, I also reckon that we should do something on holidays not to forget the knowledge we have obtained during all the school year.

All in all, I believe it is so important to advance work when we have enough time as during the academic year we must study hard to get good marks and that is a bit difficult if we spend time on other things as reading books or making comments because of our waste of time on holidays. So, get ready for the next school year!

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016


Resultado de imagen de pokemon goThis summer, Pokémon Go has become the most downloaded game. It is very common to see a lot of people in the street with the mobile in their hands; most of the time, they are catching pokémons. First of all, I'm going to explain how it is played and then, I'm going to give you my personal experience about it.

There are a lot of types of Pokémons and they are everywhere, although the ones you can find in towns or big cities are better and more numerous, while in villages there are fewer and they are of an inferior quality. And now, how it works: firsty, you must activate the GPS and it locates your area. Then, you have to walk and on the screen it will appear a map with a boy. That boy represents you and you're a coach. Moreover, when there is a pokémon near you, it appears and you have to try to catch it. If you catch it, now it belongs to you. There are also Poképaradas, where there are Pokémon eggs that are opened when you walk at a certain distance. There are also gyms to train them. For instance, when I went to the beach, a group of teenagers were going to the Sunem Pub to coach their pokémon. How amazing it is that people from other villages go to others because of a game!

However, I'd like to say that this game has also some disadvantages, one of them is that it is almost always blocked, so you have to wait some minutes and for me, that's boring. Furthermore, it can turn into an obsession to you, then you will need some special attention from doctors who try to eliminate that obsession. And if you have an obsession with the game, you will spend a lot of time on it, so it will cause health problems as sight or mental problems. And that is not all; some people have discovered how hack the game, so that, you don't have to walk to catch pokémon and you can be in other countries as China or USA.

So far I haven't played yet, although most of my friends have already played. I remember the days when I got up early to watch the Pokémon series, that's incredible how it has come back and most people play again. As all fashions, soon, in weeks or in months, that mode will pass to the history and we will remember it like an important fact in our lives.

sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016


I really liked this video, and I also liked Avicii's song a lot. I think it is too difficult to play an instrument like them. However, we can get everything we set out with our effort. 

I like listening to this kind of music, but I'm not into it. I prefer listening to songs with lyrics and with another rhythm. On the contrary, I quite like listening to instrumental paso dobles, marches, and this kind of music. This music encourages me a lot! 

I usually watch a part of the New Year Concert that it is given on channel "The One" on 1st January. It is so beautiful to listen to it!

Music has benefits and here I posted ones: 

- It increases physical performance and it helps you to get the most out of your workout.
- Classical music helps to relax your body physically while it is calming your mind.
- Music helps to reprogram the brain to focus on the music rather than the physical pain.
- It improves mood and lowers stress.
- It boosts your brainpower.

It is incredible how music can help you!


Being behind the curve is when you aren't quite able to keep up or quite up to the times. (An example would be a person who laughs at a joke two minutes after everyone else gets it). 

I'm a Taylor's fan. I really like all her songs. How well she sings! I like the song "Shake it off", but the songs I like most are Style, Wildest dreams, Bad Blood, Blank Space, You belong with me and Love Story.

Taylor was born on 13th December 1989, in Pennsylvania. She is an American singer and songwriter, who in 2010, at the age of 20, became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In addition, in 2011, she was named Billboard's woman of the year.
Her mother was a one-time marketing executive, and her father a financial adviser.

I've read that she might stop a year to rest. I hope it isn't true!


Nowadays, money is all in life, although we usually say health is the main, it isn't really true. All we and all depend on money.

When I go shopping, I carry cash because I can't carry a credit card because I'm not 18 years old yet. Most people carry their credit card, and I reckon it's more comfortable than carrying cash. On the contrary, people still carry cash when they go shopping.

Now they are developing a new way to pay using your own mobile phone. I would try to pay with mine, it must be exciting. In my opinion, it is more comfortable than paying with cash, even, than paying with a credit card. This reminds me of the advertisement where an elderly man who is on a scooter pays for something with his mobile.

Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the networking website Facebook. He is also one of the world's youngest billionaires. He has such an enormous quantity of money! He has $47.1 billions.

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016


Journeys are more usual than 30 years ago. People used to work near their houses, but now, they work near or far from their homes because if they can't find a job in their hometown, they have to get used to working whereever they find a job.   

Most people spend about 2 hours approximately on road, and that is an inconvenient. Some of them complain about that and they say that their working day is longer than the one of people who live near their job, and for that, they usually complain for their salary.

The most common means of transport is the car, but there are other means, for example, the bus, the train, the underground... In addition, now there are new systems to travel, like Blablacar; it is a platform in Europe which connects people who need travel with drivers who have empty seats, so, you save some money on travelling and you reduce the impact on the environment. 

  Actually, we are also commutes because we have to go to school in Salobreña, which is 14 km away from our hometown. On the contrary, we go by bus and and it only takes us about 20 minutes on the bus.


It seems that every year a new virus comes up. As it was the case of the Ebola virus last year. Well, this year... here we have the Zika virus.   

Frequently,when you travel you are exposed to a lot of bacterias and they go with you anywhere you go. Scientists have discovered that bacterias can live a lot of days.

Firstly, I want to say what the Zika virus is. It is a micro-organism you can find in Asia and Africa and which is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. In humans, this virus was first discovered in 1954, in Nigeria.

Currently, no cure exists for the Zika virus. Most people who have been bitten by an infection-trasmitting mosquito don't develop any symptom. On the contrary, other people develop some symptoms as skin rash, mild fever, and muscle or join pain that begins approximately, after 2-7 days after contamination. Pregnant women transmit the virus to their babies, and it produces severe foetal birth defects and poor pregnancy outcomes.

All in all, if you think about it, you will realise that all disasters as tsunamis, epidemics... always attack people who are poorer. If they haven't much, when they suffer all these things, they have fewer things than they had before.

If you are flying, you aren't travelling alone... there are a lot of bacterias which will join you on the road!


Natural medicine is becoming more popular,  a lot of natural medicines can find effective remedies for certain illnesses, but when they are more serious these treatments are useless. This is an inconvenient. 

Medicine has evolved a lot; treatments cure you fighting against disease, although these treatments aren't sure at all, because they cause side effects as kidney, liver and cells damage, body deterioration, etc.

Natural medicine can also produce other effects, but these effects are more controllable and there isn't so much danger.

I think the worst danger is that you can meet people who use plants without knowing anything about them and they offer you to treat your illness.

To sum up, I reckon alternative medicine isn't as true as traditional medicine, even though I don't think it is false. So, I respect people who use it.


      Nowadays, there is free medical care for everyone in Spain, although sometimes there are cases of people who go to a medical center because they are really ill and they are not attend by anybody. Frequently that is because of ethnic, religious and cultural reasons. 
      One of the reasons for providing free medical care is that everybody has the right to health. What's more, a doctor or somebody who works at a medical center must attend everybody because their ethics is above all.

      On the contrary, maybe these people should be more respectful to treat with the medics because if you want everybody to treat you right, you must treat them right too. In addition, you have to respect the lawyers. Furthermore, there have been some cases where foreign people take advantage of free medical care, for instance, a lot of people have been to Spain to operate themselves, for example, some operations that in other countries are more expensive than in Spain (in Spain it is free).

     To sum up, from my point of view, having a free medical care is necessary, and I am in favour of it. If the government provided it, society would be fairer.


                                                                                                                             24 Headington Rd
                                                                                                                             Oxford OXA420
                                                                                                                             24th April 2016

Mr Peter Bridges
Starlight Café
54 Market St

Dear Mr Bridges,
I'm writing you to apply for the waitress job, which I saw on page 22 at the "The Times" newspaper on 21st April. It's a job that I'm very interested in.

I'm 15 years old and I'm a student at Mediterranean Sea High School. I am hard-working, very responsible, although I'm very shy. However, that is not problem because I can get use to talking with customers quickly. I've worked as a nanny with little children, and I've worked as a teacher giving classes in the evenings too. So I'm used to being with people and to having contact with them. On the contrary, I'm not talkative and I don't have so much time study... and that is terrible!

At the moment, I am working in the town hall as a secretary of the local police. That post is very quiet, it is also very comfortable, there is a good atmosphere with all the partners.
The reason why I'm looking for an other job is because I need more money to pay aal my studies, and it is also because I want to have new experiences and meet new people. The earliest date that I could start working at Sparlight Café is 10th May. The work timetable is perfect to me because I can always arrive on time. If I get this job, I'll get all my goals (among my goals there is one that is being less shy). It is such a good job!

I am sending you my photo and my Curriculum vitae. I am ready to have an interview with you for the job. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

María Béjar


lunes, 4 de enero de 2016


     Federico García Lorca is one of the most important Spanish poets and dramatists of the twentieth century. His father owned a farm in the fertile vega surrounding Granada and a comfortable mansion in the heart of the city. His mother was a gifted pianist. He wrote El Maleficio de la mariposa (1920), a play which caused a great scandal when it was produced. He also wrote Libro de poemas (1921), a compilation of poems based on Spanish folklore.
In 1922, he organized the first “Cante Jondo” festival in which Spain’s most famous “deep song” singers and guitarists participated. 

     In 1936, he was arrested by Franquist soldiers. When they arrived at the cemetery, the soldiers forced García Lorca from the car and finally, they killed him. 
His books were burned in Granada’s Plaza del Carmen. Nobody knows where his body rests.

where Federico's body remains are.