lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015


The immigration crisis that Europe is experiencing today is the largest migration crisis since the 2nd World War. It is inhuman to see thousands of people trying to leave the country to avoid war and suffering so much. Actually, some of them even die when they try to escape and no solution is found to solve this problem.

While governments think and argue about the "fair share"  refugees, only some citizens help these people, who are suffering the terrible consequences of war. 

One of the most shocking images was that of the small Syrian boy found dead on the shore of the beach, because of the wreck of the boat their family was travelling in. However, this is was just part of the tragedy as his 5-year-old brother, her mother and three other members of the family were also killed in this shipwreck.

In my opinion, the war that is now taking place Syria is  just nonsense, since its citizens are getting hurt,  and that war will not go anywhere, they are just destroying everything. Therefore, the end of the war is the only solution to solve this problem.                          

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