martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015


          I live in Molvízar, a small village in the south of Granada, I like my village, but I reckon that it needs some reforms and new things. I have asked my parents to learn more about my village, and to do this composition.

There was the same population as there is now. There are 3, ooo inhabitants approximately. In Molvízar, there used to be a lot of small shops, now there are fewer than have used to be. Also, there used to be old houses, now, there are some blocks of flats. There was a church built in the XVIII Century, and it is the same as we have now. Its appearance is similar to it before the reform. There are other important buildings, such as "La Compañía", which is now a museum, and the Town Hall.

Fifty years ago, not many people had cars, people used to ride on animals like mules, donkeys, etc to move and transport things (specially goods). And they went to all the places on food. What atrocity it was! Now, most people have got a car or a motocycle (although there are people who have two or more means of transport.) We can also move by bus or taxi. 50 years ago, there was also a bus.

In the past, many people used to emigrate to other countries to look for a job in another place.
People used to enjoy playing in the street (playing football or playing with cloth dolls) or going to the cinema, because there used to be one then. Now, there isn't a cinema, but there are some bars. Children enjoy playing with mobile phones and other technological things. Children used to be by 8 o'clock in the street, now we are in the street much longer.
In the past, there was a state school, and now, there is the same, but it has been reformed.

In my opinion, Molvízar was better in the past. Then, social life was healthier than now although now there are more technological advances.

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