jueves, 4 de junio de 2015


When we talk about greenhouse effect, the first image that comes to our mind is industries, chimneys, exhaust fumes ... The use of fossil fuels in cities is the primarily responsible of global warming, but agriculture and livestock also contribute to emissions. Cows, during the digestive process, emit between 500 and 800 litres of methane a day... That is equivalent to the emissions of a car that travels about 100 kilometres.

 However, these big bovine animals have always existed, and as ruminants, they have always emitted methane. The country continues growing, and more people demand meat.

In my opinion, I reckon that it is ridiculous, because cows emitted methane before, not only now. We want to blame animals of our actions and their consequences, but the climate change is caused by men, and we know the reason why it is produced. All species, including humans, after eating, we make the digestion, and it produces the corresponding waste, therefore, we can't blame other species, because humans are the originators of global warming. We also have to think that the gasses are natural, so we can't eliminate them. 

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