jueves, 4 de junio de 2015


A “buckaroo” means cowboy of the Great Basin and California region of the United States, from an Anglicization of the Spanish word “vaquero”.

The school year is coming to an end. Now, it is the most stressful time with all the exams, homework, projects... and, also, with the good weather (warm weather causes more laziness to study); but we have to make one last effort to pass all the exams and not to give up all the effort that we have done during the year, so we will be able to enjoy and spend a quiet summer.

At the moment, time inevitably goes by, so we can use these tips to get the most benefit:

1. Keep the place where you study nice and tidy..
2. Take time for everything, and everything in its time (WhatsApp, television ...)
3. Avoid bad mood.
4. Take care and do not worry about unimportant things.
6. Take things with calm and optimism.

To relax, you can listen to music, have a break, and take a break of 10 minutes walking.

Exams are the biggest source of stress for students. There is a lot of pressure when the day of the exam is coming and they have to study a lot of subjects.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of food which help us. We must reduce saturated fats and sugars. It is necessary that we consume vegetables, legumes, fruits and vegetables, and cereals, pasta, rice when we have exams...

Olive oil and dried fruit and nuts help us to achieve an adequate intellectual performance.

Hair loss is at these times very common.

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