viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016


      Nowadays, there is free medical care for everyone in Spain, although sometimes there are cases of people who go to a medical center because they are really ill and they are not attend by anybody. Frequently that is because of ethnic, religious and cultural reasons. 
      One of the reasons for providing free medical care is that everybody has the right to health. What's more, a doctor or somebody who works at a medical center must attend everybody because their ethics is above all.

      On the contrary, maybe these people should be more respectful to treat with the medics because if you want everybody to treat you right, you must treat them right too. In addition, you have to respect the lawyers. Furthermore, there have been some cases where foreign people take advantage of free medical care, for instance, a lot of people have been to Spain to operate themselves, for example, some operations that in other countries are more expensive than in Spain (in Spain it is free).

     To sum up, from my point of view, having a free medical care is necessary, and I am in favour of it. If the government provided it, society would be fairer.

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