viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016


Journeys are more usual than 30 years ago. People used to work near their houses, but now, they work near or far from their homes because if they can't find a job in their hometown, they have to get used to working whereever they find a job.   

Most people spend about 2 hours approximately on road, and that is an inconvenient. Some of them complain about that and they say that their working day is longer than the one of people who live near their job, and for that, they usually complain for their salary.

The most common means of transport is the car, but there are other means, for example, the bus, the train, the underground... In addition, now there are new systems to travel, like Blablacar; it is a platform in Europe which connects people who need travel with drivers who have empty seats, so, you save some money on travelling and you reduce the impact on the environment. 

  Actually, we are also commutes because we have to go to school in Salobreña, which is 14 km away from our hometown. On the contrary, we go by bus and and it only takes us about 20 minutes on the bus.

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