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Today, procrastinating things we have to do is a very common phenomenon. Not only teenagers, but also children and adult people leave things that they can do at the moment to do them afterwards. First of all I am going to write about why this happens, then, I'll move on to explain our waste of time on holidays. And finally, I'm going to give you my opinion about what we must do.

We always think that if we can do things later, it is foolish to do them at that very moment , so we leave things for the last moment. Not only this happens with activities, but also with exams. For instance, I usually study the day before the exam or even, the night before. That's because we have other extra activities, for example, the school of languages or the music school, so we have less time to spend on school chores. However, I'd like to say that if we organize our time, we can spend time on other things.

On the contrary, when we are on holidays, we have a lot of time, although we don't spend it very well. During the summer holidays, we usually go to the beach, spend a lot of time with friends or even, we go to other towns' parties. I reckon that in the summer time it is too warm to do any kind of intellectual activity, we are tired even if we don't do anything. On the one hand, I understand that on holidays we have to relax since we have spent all the year studying and getting up early . On the other hand, I also reckon that we should do something on holidays not to forget the knowledge we have obtained during all the school year.

All in all, I believe it is so important to advance work when we have enough time as during the academic year we must study hard to get good marks and that is a bit difficult if we spend time on other things as reading books or making comments because of our waste of time on holidays. So, get ready for the next school year!

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