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Resultado de imagen de plastic in the seaResultado de imagen de plastic in the seaDoes anyone really know how the impact of plastic will affect the world in the next years if we don't do anything? Plastic is always present in our daily lives. From credit card to plastic bags that we use in the supermarkets; almost all is made from plastic and we aren't really concerned about it. To begin with, I'm going to talk about plastic, then I'll move to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic. And finally, I'm going to give you my opinion about this issue.

Plastic is the most common material which is known and used. One of its characteristics is that it has a low electrical and thermal conductivity, it is also malleable. Moreover, it has a low cost, so as the world is moved by money, plastic is the most used material.

For me, plastic hasn't too many advantages to be used. It is light, strong and cheap. In addition, it gives the food it is in contact with a peculiar taste and it is also a good container to save cleaning products. However, the disadvantages are fewer, although they are worse. For instance, it kills turtles that eat it as they think it is food, plastic also damages their ecosystem. Not only that, but also its use affects our health as we breath the chemicals substances.

All in all, we won't stop using plastic, although I'd like to say that we must reduce it. If we don't do anything, what an awful world we will have in the next years! For that problem a lot of campaigns have been set up, for example, the Let's do it! Cleaning up the Mediterranean coast association is a project where tens of thousands of volunteers from countries all around the Mediterranean Sea participate in cleaning up the world. I believe that we have to start raising awareness of the impact of plastic in the world and then take action.


According to Collins' dictionary, “debris” means the remains of something broken or destroyed. And that word comes from French.

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