sábado, 9 de septiembre de 2017


Dear Webster,
Have you ever thought about learning English in a successful academy in Manchester? Me, I have. Nowadays, English is the most important language ever spoken, so it is necessary for almost everything, to work, to can communicate... The reason why I'm writing is to thank you in advance for have given me the opportunity of learning in your academy.

With regard to the stay, I would like the option stay individually with local families. I think we will learn most individually, as if we stay all together, we will speak Spanish among us. I would further suggest making a gymkhana, where we have to speak with the inhabitants and we must get into, for instance, the Tube.

Would you also mind informing me about the weather? What clothes should we take?
Thanking you in advance for this information.

I am, yours sincerely.


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